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Passionate about helping you stand out from the crowd!

For those of us not born yesterday…It’s a digital world and the competition has changed!

  • 53% of millennials say they would rather lose their sense of smell than lose their technology. With easy to establish online banking, to trading my own stocks, to clicking here to save 15% or more on car insurance, today’s consumer has a myriad of avenues to accomplish their financial goals.  


Do you know who your competition is – because it’s not who you think!
It’s no longer Merrill Lynch Versus Charles Schwab, or State Farm Versus Allstate… now it’s "should I get some help or just do it myself?" Consumer behavior has radically changed. Whether we like it or not, consumers of all kinds can now accomplish a significant amount of their financial goals online and without the help of an advisor or insurance professional.

This virtual frontier presents both challenges and opportunities for financial professionals.  The challenge is standing out from the crowd in an increasingly saturated space. However, the opportunity is huge, because to do so correctly can not just set you apart, but become a lead generation engine you never dreamed of.  


To succeed you need a paradigm shift.  It's time to move away from sales and marketing, calls and activities towards brand identity development. Brand thinking is big picture thinking. It doesn’t just encompass what you do functionally as a professional, such as managing assets or delivering insurance, it connects with how your clients and prospects feel about you, what meaning you are adding to their lives, and how their world is better because they have you in it. The critical truth we all need to embrace is this: people are not buying our stuff or our expertise, they are buying us. BRANDING IS ABOUT BRAND YOU.

I'm here to help you get the brand right and transform you into a standout subject matter expert that people want to like, follow, be connected to, and YES, work with! Are you ready to become a peacock in a sea of turtle doves?

Awards and recognition

  • MDRT qualifier every year since 2009

  • Court of the Table qualifier every year since 2014

  • Top of the Table qualifier every year since 2015

  • NAIFA Quality award winner every year since 2013

  • NAIFA 4 UNDER 40 in 2017

  • NAIFA National Diversity Champion in 2018

  • Washington Business Journal 40 UNDER 40 in 2019

  • NAILBA ID 20 winner in 2019

  • NAIFA's YAT Leader of the Year in 2021

Designations and certifications

  • Certified Family Business Specialist (CFBS)

  • Certified in Long Term Care (CLTC)

  • Certified Funds Specialist (CFS)

  • Certified Incomes Specialist (CIS)

  • Certified Association Executive (CAE)

  • Life & Annuities Certified Professional (LACP)

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